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EuropeanUniversityAssociation_Trends 2015: Learning and Teaching in European Universities.pdf

Over the past 15 years, major reforms have been undertaken across Europe as part of the Bologna Process. While the implementation of these reforms is not yet entirely completed, increasingly the key question refers to how they are actually achieving their goal of enhancing the quality of learning and teaching and its relevance to learners and society. This implies an increased scrutiny not only on whether and how student-centred learning has been implemented and curricula revised, but also on the role and situation of teaching staff and institutional frameworks in general, and particularly in their ability to stimulate and support innovation in learning and teaching. These questions have been at the heart of the present Trends 2015 report. The report documents how developments in learning and teaching are perceived by the 451 institutions across the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that responded to the questionnaire while also taking account of a number of external factors that have driven change in recent years.