Eurydice Network (2009). Theoretical and real effects of standardised assessment

Eurydice Network (2009). Theoretical and real effects of standardised assessment. Brussels: European Comission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

This report aims to highlight the effects of standardised assessment. The first section of the report will consider the theoretical impacts of standardised assessment both as a monitoring tool in education systems and as a teaching tool used to improve individual pupils' performance. The second part of the report will provide an empirical analysis of the real impact of standardised assessment in terms of effectiveness, educational equality and efficiency. The third part of the report describe the mechanisms associated with the introduction of testing and the responses of various groups: teachers, both individually and as a body, the education system managers (head teachers, local and regional education officers), parents and the pupils themselves. The report examines how these groups react to the introduction of standardised assessment and whether their responses vary according to the nature of the reforms undertaken.