Conferencia “Relationship between research and practice in intervention research” por la Dra. Eva Lindgren


En el marco de las actividades formativas organizadas por las comisiones académicas de los programas de postgrado MIPE y DIPE, la Dra. Eva Lindgren de la Umeå University (Suecia) impartirá la conferencia titulada:

“Mixed-methods or how to combine quantitative and qualitative data in intervention research”

  • Fecha: martes 20 de marzo
  • Hora: 12.30h - 13.30h
  • Lugar: Sala de Grados, Edificio La Tamarita, Universitat Ramon Llul.


This talk will include theoretical and practical accounts of practice-based research. Concepts like ’participatory research’, ’learning/lesson studies’, ’design research’ and intervention studies will be discussed. There will also be time for discussion.

Eva Lindgren is a Professor of Language Teaching and Learning at the Department of Language Studies at Umeå University in Sweden. Her research interests include various aspects of education in relation to multilingualism, literacy (in particular writing), indigenous language contexts and discourses. She works in close collaboration with schools with interventions and mixed methods studies. Together with Janet Enever she recently published the book Early Language Learning: Complexity and Mixed Methods (Publisher: Multilingual Matters). Other publications include functional bilingualism (Journal of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education), meaning-making across languages (Journal of Multilingualism), and interactional resources in L1/L2 writing (Journal of Second Language Writing).