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Conferencia “Implementing Family-Centered Practice in the “Real World” and What That Means in terms of Professional Development” por Dr. Espe-Sherwindt y Dr. Serrano

En el marco de las actividades formativas organizadas por las comisiones académicas de los programas de postgrado MIPE y DIPE, PhD. M. Espe-Sherwindt, consultant for Eurlyaid (the European Association on Early Childhood Intervention) and for Ohio’s Project TREES (Tools and Resources for Engaging, Empowering and Supporting Families in EI) and PhD A. Serrano is professor at the Universidad de Minho (Portugal) and president of Eurlyaid impartirán la conferencia titulada:

Implementing Family-Centered Practice in the “Real World” and What That Means in terms of Professional Development


Fecha: lunes, 20 de marzo 2023
Lengua: inglés
Hora: 09,00-10.30h
Lugar: Sala de Graus de la Universitat Ramon Llull. La Tamarita (Passeig Sant Gervasi, 47).
Modalidad: presencial o en línea



Family-centered practices are the cornerstone of contemporary early childhood intervention. However, the paradigm shift from a professional-centered/deficit model to family-centered/strengths-based model can be at times challenging for professionals. During the first part of this conference, we will “dig a little deeper” into those challenges. Then we will address how professional development and competencies can support professionals in order to face those challenges, i.e the nuts and bolts of professional preparation for quality practices in ECI.

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