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Conferencia "Pedagogy of concrete utopias: Promoting youth civic engagement and climate activism in formal education" por el Dr. Rajala

En el marco de las actividades formativas organizadas por las comisiones académicas de los programas de postgrado MIPE y DIPE, el Dr. Antti Rajala de la University of Helsinki impartirá la conferencia titulada


Pedagogy of concrete utopias: Promoting youth civic engagement and climate activism in formal education.


Fecha: 2 de diciembre 2021
Hora: 12.00h
Lugar: Sala de graus Miquel Siguan, facultat de Psicologia, Campus Mundet (vagó 2 planta baixa)
Formulario de inscripciónhttps://forms.gle/2cof17HAyUSc7iKw6
Correo de contacto: seguimiento.mipedipe@gmail.com


In this talk Dr. Antti Rajala discusses pedagogical approaches in formal education settings for responding to youth's anguish about climate change and for supporting the development of youth's active citizenship and activism for sustainable futures. In particular, he examines the pedagogical potential of the concept of concrete utopia to support diverse youth in envisioning alternative futures and enacting them in the present.

Antti Rajala He received his PhD in 2016. In his award-winning doctoral dissertation he studied agency-centered pedagogy and how learning can be connected between in and out-of-school contexts. Rajala has conducted video-based research in schools and science centers on the topics of dialogic pedagogy, educational change, and agency in education. Currently, Rajala works as Academy of Finland post-doctoral researcher in University of Oulu. He leads the project Pedagogy of concrete utopias: Fostering youth agency and climate activism in formal education. Rajala is Associate Editor in Frontline Learning Research; Co-Editor in Mind Culture and Activity and Outlines: Critical Practice Studies.